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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Save Money by Growing Your Own Herbs

Save Money by Growing Your Own Herbs 

I have always made a conscious effort to grow herbs and veggies on my garden at home.  Anything that I had some success growing, I continued to grow.  There is a certain satisfaction in having fresh herbs and veggies growing right outside your door.  Besides the convenience of having them nearby, they have so much flavor! It's like having your own personal produce market.   What a wonderful, satisfying feeling.  

A great ephiphany I had recently is the money you save from growing your own herbs.  I have found that fresh herbs in the big supermarket chains are sold for .79 to 3.00 dollars.   If you decide to make a dish with a variety of herbs, you can spend a pretty penny just on herbs.  Ouch!

Decide which herbs you use the most in your cooking and grow them together in a big planter.  Herbs that grow well in pots include deill, cilantro, basil. mint, garlic, chives, rosemary and thyme.