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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Wisdom Behind Growing Your Own Fruits and Veggies

The Wisdom Behind Growing 
Your Own Fruits and Veggies

There is something to be said for growing your own fruits and vegetables.  At 39 years of age, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was a huge wake up call for me.  I am a biologist by training and wondered if my lifestyle contributed to this.  I naturally started to look at what I was eating and what I was not eating for clues.  I also wondered if the way in which our food is grown and processed may have affected my health.  

What I did realize was that a lot of the produce sold in our markets are treated with pesticides and herbicides while they are grown in the fields.  Many vegetables are also sprayed with ethylene while they are in the supermarkets to help ripen them.  This made me think that I could grow naturally grown and ripened fruits and vegetables in my home garden without using chemicals.  Not only will the produce be fresh, but it will be more flavorful then anything we buy at the store.  

My big life lesson here was learning what to put into my mouth and what to keep out of it!The next time you think of food,  think organically grown.