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Friday, May 12, 2017

Grow Your Own Garlic

Grow Your Own Garlic 

One of the foods I find expensive to buy in the supermarket today is garlic.  The price of garlic has risen tremendously over the past few years!  For 5 roses of garlic,  I pay $ 2.50.  To combat this, I don't let garlic go to waste.  Sometimes you will find cloves that start to sprout if you haven't used garlic in a while.  I take these cloves and immediately plant them in a planter with potting soil.  The sprouts can be used as garlic chives and the cloves themselves will develop into garlic bulbs.  You can harvest them as babies, wait until they mature, or harvest them anywhere in between.  Either way, you will prevent your garlic from going to waste.

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