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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Be Fertile and Multiply Your Tomatoes!

Be Fertile and Multiply Your Tomatoes!

If you want more of a tasty tomato you found at the store or tomatoes that you have harvested from your garden,  an easy and cost effective way to create more of them is to take a tomato, open it up, and squeeze the seed into a pot of soil.  Space the seeds out as evenly as possible and cover them with a one inch layer of potting soil.  Water well everyday.  What you will have is a pot of started tomato plants that you can transplant.  

If you followed this technique early in the growing season,  you can triple your yield of tomatoes in a small amount of time.  To me, this is music to my ears.  I love tomatoes and anything that will allow me to increase the yield of tomatoes I grow in my garden makes me extremely happy.  

This strategy will also allow you to extend the amount of time you can grow your tomatoes as well.